Taking care of our clients

Hi There.

My name is Dave and I'm a Senior Developer here at Optix.

Recently I redeveloped our client area and wanted to share with you all the sort of thing we like to do for our clients here at Optix .


The first section is an area where you can submit support tickets.

You can report bugs, request changes and even request a quote for some new functionality you'd like. Once submitted we're alerted of what you would like done. We then assign it to the relevant person who will keep you updated via email throughout the process.

If you've requested a change or a bug fix there's also the ability to leave comments on the task and have a conversation with the person at Optix involved.

Once the task has been completed the person who made the change will let you know it's been completed and log the amount of time it took.

All tickets that have been submitted are kept for historical accuracy so that they can be referenced upon in the future, if the need arises.


The next section is a new feature, which will hold all kinds of useful documents for you to view and download. As of writing this there's not much in there for you, but as time goes by we will be adding all kinds of things we deem could be useful to you.

Content Request System

This is another new area of the website and is a pretty big feature.

Whilst going through the process of building a website, or adding new features to a current one, we may need to get some content or information from you. This is where the content requester comes in.

If we need something from you, we add in a new request, which in turn alerts you. You can then log into your client area and supply us with that content. What's wrong with just sending it over in an email like usual, you ask?

We, as a team at Optix, get thousands of emails a week, and using a centralized system such as this, allows us (and of course you) to keep a better track of what exactly has been submitted so that we can give you a higher degree of accuracy when it comes to making your shiny new website.

This system also gives us the ability to be able to reference details you've submitted way into the future with ease when it comes to any changes you'd like to make. If you're already a part of our client area, please take a look at it when you get a chance.

The new layout really is beautiful. If you're a client of ours but don't have access to the client area, or don't know your login details, give us a ring on 01392 667766 or email your account manager and they'll be able to help you out. The client area can be found here: http://client.optixsolutions.co.uk/ 

Many thanks for reading, Dave.

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