Social Media Survey 2010 – The results are in!

The increasing use of Social Media has created a fundamental shift in the way a business needs to think. Are you missing out on opportunities? Do you know what other businesses are doing? We’ve asked the questions, and the results are in!

We aren’t short of Social Media success stories. Who hasn’t heard of the millions Dell has made through Twitter? Today, businesses throughout the UK are keen to harness Social Media for their own similar success stories.

The Social Media Survey 2010 was created to help form an understanding of how organisations throughout the UK are using the various platforms, what return they are yielding and gain an insight into their future plans for Social Media.

A foundation, we hope, for your own Social Media Success.

What others are saying about the results
“This is amazing. This is really, really, handy!” – Scott Gould, We are Like Minds
“Would love to publish it.” – Neil Thackray, The Media Briefing
“Great Social Media survey with loads of great stats.” – Kate Spiers, Wisdom London

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all that took the time to contribute to this publication, especially:

  • Chris Brogan
  • Garry Mackay
  • Scott Gould
  • Olivier Blanchard
  • Trey Pennington
  • Julian Summerhayes
  • Each and every one of our respondents

And for their support in the production of the survey booklet, we would like to thank the entire team at Optix Solutions (especially James Dawkins & Amanda Parsons) as well as the following external consultants and friends. We couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Lizz Evans
  • Ashley, Heidi and Anna at in Exeter
  • Tom Gard

Let’s keep the conversation going
This survey is not the end. Social Media platforms continue to evolve and there is always something to say, so why not join us and share your comments?

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