Social Media Marketing – The Why

Social media has revolutionised communication.  It has created a whole new paradigm which engages users on a new level. This means that the traditional ways of communication are not having the impact it used to, and marketers are having to think of more creative ways to get their business messages heard.

In 2016 alone, social media users have risen by 176 million. 

So, this is useful in that you have an audience right there, waiting to be marketed to. This is tricky because so many other businesses are also wanting to get in front of them.

For businesses this means that in order to stay ahead in the market you have to be at the forefront of communication, making yourselves both heard and stand out in a range of different social media platforms, each with their own styles, methods and trends.

Social media users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts each

One of the questions we get asked most here at Optix is: Which social media platform should I use? With users having on average 5.5 social media accounts it’s hard to know where to start. We always say it’s better to have less accounts but do them better. For example, we use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as our primary social media channels, and invest in them heavily to ensure that we (and our followers) get the most out of the accounts.

12 new social media users are added every second

Optix Solutions prides itself at being fore runners in this domain, looking at trends and directions, and predicting, accurately, where social media is likely to go.  This forward looking approach means we are able to make the best decisions now for the future of your social media and make sure your company hits all those new users!

Want to get ahead with social media but not sure where to start? Come to our workshop next week: 

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