SEO Predictions of 2011 – The World of Search

Well, a new year is upon us so I thought I would provide an insight into how I see Search moving over the next year. I may, or may not be correct, but I’m basing my thoughts on the last year and how trends within Search have been moving.

More local

Search results turning more local. Over the past few months we have seen Google change the way it displays its findings, it now displays ‘local’ results. These are business results that are local to where you are based. These have become a part of the Google Search more and more over the past year and in my opinion are set to continue to be a part of search results.

More Personal

Search results turning personal, yes, that’s right, turning personal to you. Google does many things already to make your searching personal, it displays results based on past search history, if you are logged into a Google account and other metrics. In the next year I can see the search results you see becoming more personal to the searcher, aiming to display the results that you want to see (or not as the case may be).

More Depth

Search engines such as Google not only display website links now, but they are also displaying rich content such as videos. This means that your YouTube videos that you have uploaded can be optimised for search and can be displayed in the Google search results. Just like local results, the videos are listed within existing results. Throughout 2011 I can see Google displaying more ‘rich’ results through its search results.

More Social

The Social side of online is a large aspect of the internet and the lives we lead. Whether that’s using Twitter, or having a Facebook / LinkedIn profile. Both Google & Bing have started to display Facebook & Twitter updates within its search results. This is only set to become an even larger part of Search with Bing recently announcing that it is going to include Facebook ‘Likes’ into its results, displaying how many ‘Likes’ a link has received (currently US only, moving to UK in the not so distant future). I can see Social results being displayed more and more in search results in both Bing & Google over the next year, judging how current trends are going.

What can we learn from this?

There are three main points in which we can learn from the above. Put simply these are:

  • Become local; accept that local search is becoming a large part of search engine results and cater for the local audiences you cover. Optimise for regional keywords.
  • More rich content; create video content to be hosted on YouTube, optimise the video for search. Videos are becoming an important part of search.
  • Be social; integrate on Social networks, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other. Be a part and engage with the audience out there.

How do you think Search for 2011 is going to pan out? Leave us your thoughts in the comments and visit our Search Engine Optimisation page.

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