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Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of promotion. It costs very little to implement and can have very high returns. At Optix we are amazed by how many businesses are still overlooking the huge possibilities of email marketing in maintaining relationships and encouraging customers to buy from them.

Many people still think that emails are only really for internet based businesses. The fact is that if you do not yet carry out any email marketing for your business you may well be letting your competition gain an advantage on you.

Imagine being able to do direct mail marketing but without the cost of paper, envelopes or stamps. Imagine direct phone marketing, but without the cost of a salesperson or phone call. This is what email marketing can do for your business.

Sending emails is extremely cost effective and compared to a direct mail campaign could save you huge sums of money. This means that your promotion budget can go towards providing compelling content or offers to make your marketing more enticing.

One of the most convenient things about email is that it is (almost) instant. You send it, and within a few seconds customers across the other side of the world can access it. If you deal with international customers, then emails mean you do not have to pay extra postal or call charges, and you do not need to wait a week for airmail!

Another advantage of emails is that they are direct; they go straight to the person intended with minimal risk of being interrupted or intercepted by someone else. Obviously there are the SPAM filters to get around but with good qualiy email marketing systems, this is all checked for you.

As emails are direct, it is easy to make them personal; both in terms of name, and also content. If you have two main products, you can easily have emails for each customer group focused on their particular product. By personalising your emails, the recipients are likely to pay more attention to it; they will also be less likely to treat it as junk/spam mail that is quickly deleted.

The other major difference between email marketing and offline campaigns is the tracking of response rates. With email marketing systems such as our own (Optix EMS) once an email has been sent you can trace when its been opened and if you’ve put links into the system you can see if they have been clicked and generated you traffic for your website. A proactive team would then get on the phone to those clients whom have taken the time to read your email and clicked on it and follow them up for a sales opportunity.

At Optix we have been running our EMS system for over four years now very successfully and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how we can help you promote your business through the use of email marketing.

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