Remove Google Personalisation – Objective Results in Google

Google’s Search Engine is incredibly complex, exceptionally intelligent and frighteningly accurate at guessing what you want.

There are times though when, to be quite honest, I would prefer it to mind its own business and stop personalising my results, so to that end Optix Solutions have a solution should you feel the same.

Removing Google Personalisation isn’t easy; using traditional methods would result in you losing your ability to remember your login details, keep you logged into sites and all kinds of other behind the scenes things your browser can do. Google’s Personalisation is mixed in with these things and you have to be a bit savvy to work around it. One way to remove the personalisation is to turn off cookies and search history in your browser and search settings. Although this isn’t the best!

The Best Way to get Objective Google Results – In our opinion

Step 1

To view the results the rest of the world would see you need to add a little known piece of code to the end of the URL, (web address,) of your search which sets personalisation to zero. And here it is:


Putting that on the end of every search you do is a bit inconvenient so we also suggest step 2

Step 2

now, turn off google instant search in your Firefox Web Browser, becuase it prevents this from working.

In Firefox, install the Grease Monkey plugin and use it to automatically add the piece of code to the end of the web addresses for you.

To do that:

  1. Install Grease monkey – Get Grease Monkey
  2. Make a new script that includes:
    // @include*q=*&*
  3. Put this code in the operational bit:
    if (location.href.substring(location.href.length-6,location.href.length)!='&pws=0'){location.href=location.href+'&pws=0';}
  4. Enable the script
  5. Enjoy personalisation free results

If you prefer the whole Grease Monkey script to remove Google Personalisation i’ve included it below:

// ==UserScript==
// @name personalisation remover
// @namespace pws
// @description adds &pws=0 to the end og google addresses
// @include*q=*&*
// ==/UserScript==
// Author Optix solutions

if (location.href.substring(location.href.length-6,location.href.length)!=’&pws=0′)


Credits go to our Developer Rich Moore for this one, with inspiration coming from Dan Cave and encouragement from James Dawkins and Nick. You can see them all on our team page.

Rich MooreDan Cave

Rich and Dan

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