Red Rocket: Making an offline brand a success online

The key for any branding agency is to encapsulate a distinct, consistent and engaging message that represents an offering; in what can often be a saturated marketplace where competition is rife. So the question is, how do you ensure that the success of a brand offline is replicated online? This question is one that the team at Red Rocket are constantly faced with.

Red Rocket has all the skills and expertise available to them to achieve this. Through their experience of dealing with web projects in the past the team have a real appreciation for the factors that make a successful offline brand, a success online. These guys think big picture. Although Red Rocket do not specialise in developing online brands, their experience in the past and awareness of today’s digital world ensures that there is always a seamless transition from offline to online.

As Jane Mason, Red Rocket’s Business Director, puts it ‘a strong online brand needs to effectively capture the essence of its offline counterpart, whilst leveraging new communication opportunities to spread this message more widely’. We couldn’t agree with you more Jane! It’s great to see those agencies that specialise in offline, appreciating the potential of supporting communication strategies online.

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