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Google has made itself fantastically wealthy by selling advertising space on its search engine results pages. The model for their business is basic, they have millions of users and you can put an advert in front of them at a price.

The genius of the advertising platform only becomes clear when you look a little closer. They beat the traditional marketing channels by offering you a promise; “you only pay if someone clicks on your adverts”, hence pay per click. Not only that, but they also will only show your adverts to people who are probably interested in them anyway!

Targeted Online Marketing

Gone are the days of blanket marketing where you force your message onto anyone and everyone and hope that it sticks. Now you can target, and market to, granular and specific groups of people and even then only pay if they click on your ad. Fantastic!

It isn’t only Google offering these services; everyone is in on the act. Websites like Facebook, YouTube and Bing! all sell advertising space on a pay per click basis. And you can also list your adverts on peoples who choose to show adverts for a cut of the pay per click revenue.

Measuring success

All of this information leads us onto talking about the final piece in the paid search puzzle, the tracking. In this digital age, the advertising platforms now all offer amazing levels of information about users who search. You can find out how many people found you for a particular keyword, how many went on to buy a product or fill out a form and much, much more.

This analytic data is incredibly powerful if you know how to use it. This is where Optix PPC management services come in. We can build and refine your campaigns using this information and get the most for your advertising budget. We have been creating advertising campaigns like this for years and have accredited and qualified consultants who will maximise your ROI from online advertising.

We tie Pay Per Click marketing in with a holistic online marketing approach including, social media, email marketing and more. In online advertising, you can create an advertising campaign that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Contact Us to talk to our experienced and friendly team about your online marketing and website needs. We like to think we don’t have clients but rather that we have friends and business partners.

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