Pipex px – Effective business to business websites: ‘giving the user what they want’

Pipex px is a company dedicated to ‘producing excellence’. This is no less the case when it comes to the organisation’s marketing and communication activities. It is important that all aspects of the Pipex offering infer quality in the mind of the audience and this is certainly the case in the way they market themselves online.

Sarah Raynor, Marketing and Communications Director at Pipex px, says she considers a successful online brand to be one that ‘makes your experience enjoyable and easy’. For Sarah concerns over user experience stem from dealing with confusing navigations, poor site performance and inadequate onsite information.

Any website that is promoting a product or service in the B2B market needs to carefully consider the nature of the majority of visits to the website. A B2B website will typically be used as a reference tool for those that have been referred to the business through an alternative channel. With the nature of the majority of visits to the site in mind, the journey a user takes on the website needs to be carefully mapped out. As one can see from the Pipex example, a good B2B website is one that really does make its calls to action prominent and accessible.

It is in this way that the Pipex team have ensured they give users to their website ‘what they want’.

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