P2P – The New Way to do Business

The impact of social media and social networking has gone far beyond enabling individuals to share information quickly and easily with friends and colleagues.

Social Media is having a fundamental influence on the way new and forward-thinking companies actually find and conduct business. After Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Company (B2C), we now have a new business culture emerging, Person to Person or (P2P).

In a nutshell, a P2P business is one that embeds social media (social networking, blogs etc..) at the heart of its internal and external activity. Using and participating in social media enables far closer engagement with clients and partners and can revolutionize the way a business promotes its brand in a rapidly-evolving online market place.

P2P business is not just another piece of corporate jargon. Its principles of using social media to promote greater communication and dialogue, and so understanding, across traditional boundaries are simple and make perfect sense.

Firstly, the new technology allows businesses to establish a far more dynamic and visible presence online. It enables them to engage in an ongoing conversation with customers or potential customers to find out what they actually want and what they are talking about.

The early stages of this business culture shift are already apparent. How much more dynamic, for instance, to learn about a new product or service by watching a video demonstration on YouTube (with a link to the company website, of course) than reading reams of text beside a static picture?

Google increasingly now includes links to the latest Tweets directly relating to its search results.

P2P is about being proactive rather than creating a brand and presence and then sitting back and waiting for things to happen. Social media dialogue can throw up new sales leads and opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that traditional business models and structures are often too cumbersome to identify.

Optix’s social media consultancy service is geared up to helping customers understand how they can best exploit the power of social networking and apply it to improve sales and marketing.

We can customise your website to support the likes of Twitter and Facebook and show you how to establish a presence beyond your own website and on other sites and browsers.

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