Our New Brand

Last month at our annual seminar, we revealed our new branding, we’ve had great feedback and are very excited to get it all wrapped up. 

Having had our current brand and website for too long to remember, it was time to create something that truly reflected Optix’s mentality and work ethic. We are used to creating new brands and websites for our clients but doing our own proved to be quite difficult which is always the way when something is so close to the heart.

Our Core Values

Narrowing down our new core values to just the recommended three, we finally came up with the ones we felt encompassed everything we, as Optix, aim to be.

Delight – we strive for excellence and exceed expectations

Engage – we use our passion, knowledge and creativity

Support – we care about our clients and each other

Our Mission Statement

Together, we improve digital experiences

Our “Why”

We love sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm with likeminded colleagues, individuals and businesses.
Together, we enjoy understanding and solving challenge in order to achieve and share success

The Logo

Originally, Optix used a rubber duck as part of the logo, which led on to even starting a collection of toy ducks! The new, mature duck shows how we have evolved as a company of experts. We also thought the duck flying and spreading its wings was a nice metaphor for how we can help companies on their online journey.

The Colour

Having exhausted the “Optix Blue” for years, we wanted to find a colour that exuded warmth and energy whilst also grabbing the attention of clients and the public. The coral used also provokes the feeling of ‘being nurtured’, something we hope all our clients feel when working with us.  The Font

We’ve used two fonts in our new branding: Brandon Grotesque and Open Sans. 

Brandon Grotesque was originally designed by Hannes Von Dohren, Director of HvD Fonts and is said to be inspired by geometric-style sans serif faces – popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Brandon Grotesque is a clean, crisp font which we felt reflected our design style.

Open Sans is described as a ‘humanist sans serif’, created by Steve Matteson, famous for his font family Segoe used on Microsoft Vista. Open Sans is a legible and friendly font which compliments the more formal Brandon Grotesque font perfectly.

The Website

As most of you reading this will know, our old site was… well, old. We pretty much scrapped the whole site and created a new one from scratch. With a large focus on usability and a clean interface we kept it simple, friendly and modern. We’ll be posting again in the near future specifically about how we went about creating our new website and why we designed it the way we did.

It’s been a whirlwind of a month for Optix, along with our branding and new site going live we are also starting to focus a lot more on our own marketing – watch this space and follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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