Optix’s Charlie Beagle gets Loud for Deaf Academy Fundraiser

There’s an old adage among the acting fraternity that warns ‘never work with animals or children’.

However, never afraid to take the plunge for a good cause, the Optix team ignored this advice when they teamed up with Exeter Deaf Academy to promote the school’s ‘Wear It Loud’ fundraising campaign through the creative use of social media.

Enter stage left Charlie Beagle, Optix’s very own four-legged mascot, who starred in a special video modelling a variety of suitably colourful outfits for the big ‘Wear it Loud Day’ on 10th of May. Made in a matter of minutes with a handheld camera, the video shows how quickly and effectively YouTube can spread a message to a wider audience in an entertaining way.

Charlie’s visual star turn, complete with sub-titles, was just one of the ways the Optix team came up with to address the challenge faced by the Academy in developing a social media strategy that engages and informs both the deaf community and the wider hearing community about their work. Just because we are a cutting edge online company doesn’t mean Optix can’t embrace traditional fundraising either.

The team raised funds for Wear It Loud Day with a good old-fashioned office cake sale!

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