Optix Talk: Core Web Vitals Interview with Chris Johnson

Core Web Vitals are a set of new “page experience factors” which Google introduced in 2020. They relate to the experience a user has when first landing on your site – is your site fast and easy to use or is it a pain for users? A site’s Core Web Vitals performance will become an SEO ranking factor in May so we’re all paying close attention to CWV at Optix.

In the latest episode of our Podcast Optix Talk, we speak to Chris Johnson who has created two tools to help you review a site’s CWV performance: Core SERP Vitals and Layout Shift GIF Generator. Our Senior Digital Strategist Crystal Carter spoke to Chris about his tools and his love of “tinkering”.

You can listen to the episode below. You can subscribe to Optix Talk on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or pretty much anywhere Podcasts are found.

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Thomas Haynes

Thomas Haynes is a Digital Marketer with 12 years experience. He specialises in SEO and is the Head of Digital at Optix Solutions

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