Optix Takes Part in Kickstart

We are excited to let you know that Optix is taking part in the Government’s Kickstart Scheme. This programme allows us to support two fantastic young people through a six-month job apprenticeship; Nico Nucum and Santino Elkington.


Young people have been particularly impacted by the pandemic and, as we face a time of rising unemployment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to navigate the beginning of their careers. The Kickstart scheme, launched in September 2020, was created to combat this and aims to create job placements for 16-24 year olds seeking work.


At Optix, we recognise that programmes such as the Kickstart scheme are vital during this period of pandemic-recovery; and vital to the future of our workforce. The Kickstarters are working primarily with Chris Jones, our Business Development Manager, and will focus on the Optix Digital Academy. These two Apprentices have already brought exciting and innovative ideas, as well as allowing us to gain extra support. Meanwhile, Optix are offering invaluable and unique industry experience which will place the Kickstarters at an advantage to start a career in this industry or leave them with highly transferable skills. Watch this space as our new Apprentices develop, and we’ll keep you updated with their progress!


Meet our Kickstarters


Nico graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in Communication with Business Management in 2019, just before the pandemic. After a mentally challenging year in 2020, Nico is now excited to be working for Optix on the Kickstart Programme to gain knowledge of the field. Nico has been enjoying the first few weeks of the scheme, getting to know the team and says he feels “like I’ve been working here for much longer because everyone is so welcoming and friendly”.


A few years ago, Santino decided he wanted to be involved in business and social media but struggled to find the right opportunity to get his career started. Santino had never heard of the Kickstart Scheme before but since joining he has seen the opportunities it will open up for him and he is excited to get involved in lots of new projects at Optix.

Becky Brennan

Becky is our Account Director at Optix - she leads accounts for our key clients, manages the Optix Digital Academy, all our events and supports sales activity. Becky has a digital agency background, having coordinated strategic digital projects for household names across the UK.

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