Optix Solutions Becomes Official Google Partner

The Digital Marketing team at Optix Solutions are very pleased to announce that we are now official Google Partners.

As an agency we are now recognized by Google for the quality of the Search and Display Advertising we run on behalf of our clients.

In the words of Google "The Google Partner badge shows the world that Google trusts your company and that potential clients can too." Google Partner Badge

In order to achieve Google Partner status we had to fulfil the following requirements:

Best Practises

Google reviewed our client accounts to make sure they are getting excellent service, including the type and frequency of the changes we make to their campaigns. They also made sure we are making the most of our clients' budgets.


For this requirement an agency must have at least $10,000 worth of advertising spend across client accounts within the previous 90 days.


For this requirement we needed to have at least one member of staff certified in AdWords after having passed at least two Google exams.

There are three individual certification exams:

  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advanced
  • Display Advanced

At Optix we run Google AdWords PPC (Pay-Per Click) campaigns for a range of clients in Devon and elsewhere in the country. Using AdWords we are able to provide our clients with high value traffic by placing adverts in the search results when users search for certain keywords. As these adverts are charged on a Pay Per Click basis our clients only pay when someone clicks on an Ad and visits their website. 

Our clients are able to see a measurable ROI (return on investment) for their AdWords campaigns – a recent campaign saw a 230%  ROI in the first three months. If you would like to find out more about how Optix Solutions can help your business to achieve its aims using AdWords PPC or Display Advertising then get in touch today.

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