Optix Annual Seminar Gets off to a Flying Start

As some of you may know, on the 18th we held our annual Digital Marketing seminar which saw a whopping 121 people attend including over 65 local businesses!

The morning was separated into two parts, starting with Director, Al’s review on the digital marketing trends of the last year, including online dating and digital disruption.

“Digital disruption has happened! Look at how we interact with one another on a day to day basis. If you’re not using technology already to aid your relationships it’s becoming apparent that you may get left behind.” Said Alastair.

We were then given a short demonstration from Jack of Jack Russell Coaching, (http://www.jackrussellcoaching.co.uk/) showing how Insights Profiling is essential for comms within your business. By using Insights Profiling you can learn how to effectively engage with eachother and get the most from your working relationships.

Following this was a drone demonstration from Matt Cranfield of Skyflicks Media, (http://www.skyflicksmedia.com/). The drone was flown inside the room and then taken outside on the golf course whilst being live streamed to the audience.

Dan Regan of Ashwoods, (www.ashwoods.org), Exeter said: “My favourite part absolutely had to be the live drone demonstration – impressive technology with so many uses, and it was great to see a local company showing off their impressive high-flying camera tech”.

The second part of the morning was led by Ben Corbally, Digital Strategy Manager for Optix. Ben covered upcoming trends in the digital marketing realm including his predictions on subjects such as wearable tech, social media and The Internet of Things.

Ben stressed that the time is now to be taking the internet of things seriously “The Internet of things is the future and the present, if you’re not thinking about it now, you may find yourselves missing out on revenue to your competitors”.

We also used this opportunity to show off our new branding – guests were treated to notepads, pens, 8GB USB sticks and cupcakes, all Optix branded! We’ll be posting a review of our new branding and site next week.

We’ve had amazing feedback and everyone seemed to really enjoy the day – watch this space for future events!

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