New Beginnings

A trait thats highly encouraged in the Optix team is entrepreneurial sprit. Its hardly surprising when you think that the two directors started the company at the tender age of 19 and while still at Exeter University.

Where other companies might be concerned about staff upping sticks and creating their own business we take quite the opposite. We say good luck, we support them and we wish them well on their way. And today we bring you news of just this type.

For the last couple of years Charlie Martin and Olly Harrison have been front of house at Optix, helping us build the company and look after a number of our clients. This Christmas, the boys will leave the Optix stable and start their own company, a sales & marketing agency named Gusto.

We know that at times like this there is the temptation for tongues to wag and as we all know, careless whispers cost lives, so we wanted to officially acknowledge this news, celebrate the  creation of this new company and let the world know that we are all fully intending to work together moving forward.

We wish the guys the best in what will no doubt be a challenging but rewarding journey, its what they’ve always wanted to do so we’ve no doubt they’ll be a success.

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