March 2016 Go-Lives

We’ve had an incredibly busy month with lots of our clients ‘going-live’ with new shiny websites, not to mention our own of course!

The Devon Air Ambulance Trust

DAAT’s original website wasn’t designed with a large digital marketing influence and as time went on, we realised we could improve the general interface of the site whilst incorporating user experience backed data to improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. 
We also repurposed a lot of the content, stripped back the navigation and tidied up the event pages to ensure great usability and hopefully a lot more user interaction – watch this space!

The Royal Marine’s Commando Challenge

After being recommended to the The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity by DAAT, we carried out a complete reconstruction of the Royal Marines Commando Challenge Website. 
We built the site from scratch, focussing on creating a military feel and encouraging signups. Although the site as a whole was a fairly basic one to produce, the signup form was one of the most complicated we had to build, pushing development to spend days on testing the form to ensure it all worked smoothly and signups were suitably reflected in the CMS. 


Hospiscare needed a full site revamp having had their old one for some time. This site was particurlarly large and required quite complicated funcionality. The redesign included a module which allows you to create micro-sites for any flagship events. Each of these microsites can include a signup form, photo gallery and a contact form, as well as the usual event information sections. This site was also required to be highly accessable for those with sight difficulties; through the click of a button you can put the whole site into high-contrast mode.

Exeter Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Exeter Chamber of Commerce and Industry required a complete overhaul of their website. This site was very complicated and pushed the development team to work all hours and carry out extra training to make sure the site was kept at its highest possible standard. We were tasked to create an event booking system which needed complex options for each member which also incorporated an array of payment taking systems. The complication lay in the multiple existing members and ensuring no data was lost in transition. The new system again required intense testing which incorporated several extra members of staff. 

So, as you can see it’s been a busy month for us all here at Optix. A massive thank you to our Development Team –  Dean and Rich, Robin – our Head of Design, and James our Project Manager and everyone else who has been involved. 

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