Make Your Mark in 2009: Start Selling Online

Thanks to the internet reaching out to new audiences has never been easier, or more cost effective for a business. In fact, we’re openly declaring 2009 as the year to get YOUR business online!

For over 10 years we have provided ecommerce solutions to a number organisations throughout the UK, and are behind the development of some of the UK’s leading online retailers including Sportsman apparel and accessory suppliers the Sportsman Gun Centre, Disney Children Furniture specialists Starry Nights and Glam Salon Furniture to name but a few.

Each e-commerce development we undertake is seen as a partnership with the organisation. From our initial consultations, you will benefit from the expertise of our dedicated business development managers and our online marketing and web site usability specialists: ensuring that your site is built on a solid foundation which has been developed with the sole purpose of maximising every opportunity for success. Your e-commerce store will be developed to the needs of your business and customers providing you with an unparalleled amount of flexibility and customisation – enabling your online store to grow with your business. For an added level of security and service, we’ve partnered with ProtX – the world’s leading Credit Card Payment Gateway owned by Sage.

The Benefits:

– More cost effective to start up than establishing a new retail outlet or business premises

– Revenue from sales are deposited to your account quickly, great for cash flow

– It is quick and easy to make products available for sale to a global market

– Traditionally more cost effective to sell online – yielding higher returns on investment (ROI)

– Easy to introduce new products and or services to your offerings

– Allows more in-depth consumer interaction, enabling you to have a better understanding of their needs and how to fulfil them

The e-commerce “boom” showed us how incredibly easy it is to establish an online shop, just as the subsequent bursting of the e-commerce “bubble” demonstrated the harsh realities of making a success of an online shop. Against mounting market saturation and increased competition a successful ecommerce presence takes expertise and commitment – both of which you’ll find here at Optix Solutions.

For more information on how you can establish a new or revitalise an existing e-commerce solution contact us today on 0845 029 7766.

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