Introducing Phase 1 of YouGen

YouGen is bringing together people interested in renewable energy to provide the answers they need. We’re helping YouGen, under the guidance of creator Cathy Debenham, create a community where people can share their experiences, recommend their suppliers and get advice from experts.

As well as accessing information about the various types of microgeneration, you can check which are suitable for your home and situation, and find tips about what to ask potential suppliers.

Soon you will also be able to search for local suppliers of your chosen technology, and contact them through the site. Our aim is to make it easy for you to choose the right form of microgeneration for your home and to find someone you trust to install it.
If you can’t phone a friend, the next best thing is to know whether other people are happy with the products and services offered by a supplier. Helping people to find a supplier they can trust in a new and rapidly changing microgeneration market is at the heart of YouGen.

Be sure to check out the blog – it’s filled with valuable information. Here are a few recent posts:

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