Introducing Optix Fridays


As an agency we have always delighted in informing and educating our clients. We simply love enthusing about the opportunities digital marketing offers.

There are many digital marketing practices that can help a business achieve objectives but the question is, what should I be investing in? Email marketing? Social media engagement? Search engine optimisation? Content creation?

Optix Fridays have been designed to help businesses decide where to apportion their time and effort. The day-long, bi-monthly seminar programme has been written to provide attendees with an understanding of key digital marketing activities and their potential commercial impact.

The series of seminars have been put together to help anyone looking to establish the following:

1. Do I know what my online strategy is?

2. Do I know if it's working?

3. Am I fully informed about all online opportunities?

If your answer to these questions is no, our seminar days will be perfect for you. We will offer clarity and guidance on how to confidently approach the digital marketplace to help achieve your business objectives. With all that said, we’d like to invite you to come to along to some further workshops that look into specific areas of digital marketing.

The following links will allow you to sign-up to the events most pertinent to you:

Bi-monthly starting – Oct 25th

Social media marketing  –

Search marketing  –

Bi-monthly starting – Nov 29th

Understanding analytics  –

Email marketing  –

Please note that two seminars take place  on the last Friday of the month, so if you’d like to come to both of the seminars, please do.

One thing we would ask of you, is to think if there is anyone else you could bring along that may benefit from our workshops. We’re not putting any pressure on here but obviously it’s great for us to chat to new faces if you'd like to bring someone along.

The seminars will be hosted at our office which are located on the 1st floor of Alpin Brook House on Alphin Brook Road in Marsh Barton. (Above the Bridge Motorcycles Honda showroom.)

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