Introducing Charlie Martin, Web Consultant

Believe it or not, Charlie Martin has almost been with us for an entire year – and what a year it has been. We’ve been meaning to post a formal introduction for some time, but a certain someone has been especially busy getting to know our clients.

We’ve finally managed to secure 10 minutes of his time and here are the results of our interview.

Editor: Charlie, tell us a bit about yourself.
Charlie: Well, I am a recent graduate from Cardiff Business School, where I studied Business Management and specialised in Marketing. Therefore I don’t come from a particularly technical background but I have really enjoyed immersing myself in all things web related.

I’m a driven young man looking to make his mark in the world of business. I’m a very keen learner and enjoy the experience of challenging and improving myself.

My goal in life is to leave things a little better than when I found them. I haven’t worked out how I’m going to do this yet but one day, I hope to be able to help people in whatever form that takes.

In terms of my hobbies, I am addicted to all things sport, love to read and philosophise about the meaning of it all. I’m also very interested in psychotherapy, travelling and the prospect of one day swimming with sharks.

Editor: You’re a Web Consultant here at Optix, what does that mean ?
Charlie: It means I provide advice to all those that are interested in exploring the options available to them to improve their online presence. My role involves discussing business wide goals and objectives with prospective clients before suggesting ways that the web could be used to help facilitate their attainment. I’m here to provide a soundboard for people looking to change the way their business utilises the web.

It is crucial therefore that I get the opportunity to ‘lift the lid’ on the businesses I work with to see if we can help them. Everything begins with an objective and once this has been established it is up to me to provide the best advice I can on how that objective can be achieved online. I love talking business and working out where the opportunities lie. It is this that forms the basis for what I do here at Optix.

Editor: What are your top tips for businesses looking to create or redevelop an existing web presence?
Charlie: My 5 top tips for any business looking to improve their online presence are:

  • Consider your business objectives – how is investing in your online presence going to help you achieve that objective? (e.g. increasing enquiries)
  • Have your desired end user (target audience) in mind whilst making any decision about how to improve your online presence
  • Try not to compare yourself to your competition – the biggest gains online are achieved by those who can think ‘outside of the box’
  • Be very clear and concise with the message you are looking to communicate online – clarity creates confidence in the mind of your audience
  • Integrate your offline marketing efforts with those online – a targeted approach will ensue and this is critical for good return on investment (ROI) on any marketing project

Editor: Thanks for your time Charlie, it certainly is a pleasure having you as part of our team. Now, back to making our clients happy.

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