Internet Explorer 9 – What’s the hype?

Microsoft’s latest version of its still dominant web browser Internet Explorer is eagerly anticipated, not least by professionals like us involved in website design and development.

As well as promising to be considerably quicker that its current version, Microsoft is promising that Internet Explorer 9 will boost compliance standards across all browsers.

Put simply, sites that are poorly constructed and don’t meet certain basic coding standards will simply not work on Explorer 9. Only properly built and coded websites will be supported in the browser, which is bad news for anyone tempted to use unqualified, so called ‘bedroom’ designers whose poor coding currently clogs up and slows down all browsers.

Optix already incorporate the highest compliance standards into every website we design and build, testing them against eight different browsers in the process.

Further tightening of standards has implications for businesses, as to maintain and develop their online presence it will become increasingly vital to have a professionally designed website that will be, and continue to be, supported across all the major browsers.

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