How to get your brand to appear on the right of Google’s search results…

Ever wondered how the likes of the BBC get their brand to appear on the right hand side of the Google search when you type in their brand name? Here on the Optix Solutions blog we have developed some guidelines to help you to get your brand to do the same.

The Power of Google+

With Google increasingly pushing for users to be more proactive on the Google+ platform it is no wonder that this guide begins with the setup of a Google+ business page. You can setup a Google+ page using your standard Gmail account and by following the steps indicated here. The next stage in this process is to link the Google+ business page to the website and vice versa. You can do this by adding in the website URL to the Google+ business page and then linking a Google+ icon from the website back to the Google+ business page. From this point onwards there are a number of factors that Google takes into consideration when deciding on whether or not to display your brand on the right hand side. These factors include:

  • Making sure your Google+ profile is complete
  • The number of followers you have
  • How active you are on the Google+ page
  • The level of engagement you have with your followers

Google+ Page Verification

Once there is a good level of engagement on your Google+ page you can then verify your business using the link provided here. In order to qualify for verification it is estimated that you need to get to 1000+ followers on your Google+ page, however it is really down to the level of engagement that goes on (Google refers to it as  ‘a meaningful following’). Note: You might not be eligible for this straight away, but don’t be shy, if you are not successful the first time make sure you resubmit your details when you think your Google+ page is again ready for verification. Once the page has been verified:

  • You will be able to customise your URL on Google+ e.g. instead of having you could have something like
  • You can qualify for a Knowledge Graph
  • You will see a tick displayed next to your URL and brand name on the Google+ page

Google’s Knowledge Graph

A Knowledge Graph is what contributes to the information you see on the right hand side of Google that isn’t Google+ derived. For example if you type ‘BBC’ into search you will notice there is information that links through to other sources such as Wikipedia.

This is where Google gathers information from Wikipedia, Freebase and the CIA World Factbook and displays it on the right hand side of the search results. It is important to remember here that whilst it is nearly impossible to submit information to the CIA-run Factbook, you have a certain level of control over what is displayed by Wikipedia (i.e. you can submit a business page to Wikipedia). Want to know more?  Tweet us your questions @OptixSolutions.

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