How to get more Likes through Facebook PPC

Recently our Head of Online Marketing, and keen blogger, Daniel Cave ran an experimental campaign on Facebook PPC to see what results were possible with minimal effort.

Daniel created an advert within a tight niche in an enthusiast’s area which had a potential reach of 60,000 users in the UK, and then set it to run for a few days. After the first day, he tweaked the CPC bid and then left it completely alone. [total time spent 30 min]

Fast forward a week and when his £24 Facebook advertising budget had been spent he had gained 135 new ‘likes’ on his page and had his advert appear in tens of thousands of people’s Facebook pages.

Although Dan had quite a low click through rate (CTR), he did get very high conversion rates. 165 people saw his page and 135 of those ‘liked’ it, that’s an impressive 81% of the people who saw the page via the advert.

  • £24 spent
  • 24,972 impressions
  • 162 Click throughs
  • 0.6 CTR
  • 5.6 Likes per pound sterling

If Dan were to run the experiment again, he would put more time into creating better adverts to increase click through rates and would design a professional Facebook landing page/tab, he believes he could double the CTR and increase the rate of ‘likes’ from 5.6 per pound to a much higher level.

Not being satisfied in leaving it there, Dan now has 180 total ‘Likes’, and is dreaming up new ways to use those people. Perhaps a link building campaign (afterall a £24 investment in link-building would be cheap), or he could simply convert them into regular twitter followers and have them spread the word of his blogs via retweets and #ff’s or ‘follow Fridays’.

Ultimately an end goal beyond getting people to ‘like’ the Facebook page would be the next step. Forming a wider, larger Facebook marketing strategy would allow you to convert those ‘likes’ into leads and subsequently profit.

For the time being Dan has 135 followers, whose timeline he can influence, and whom he can engage with online to court them into being part of his website and niche domination plan. It’s relatively easy for him to now post interesting images and updates to them, and to have them join in on other marketing activities he may be running alongside the Facebook marketing campaign.

Have you ever thought of using a Facebook PPC campaign?

Why not contact Dan here at Optix on 01392 667766

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