How to dramatically improve the return on your Pay Per Click ads

If you’re not already familiar with Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, they are the sponsored online adverts which appear on a number of websites, the most popular of which is Google. Unlike traditional advertising, with Pay Per Click Advertising you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad – hence the name “Pay Per Click”.

Used correctly, PPC can be a highly effective method of advertising.

However, when managed by individuals without the necessary expertise in PPC campaign design and management, it is very easy to invest a great deal of time and money into building the ‘perfect’ advert, only to find that in the long term it has a low click rate and/or yields poor conversions.

If you don’t think your PPC campaign is performing as well as it could, there is a relatively easy technique you can follow to help find out why that might be, it’s called Split Testing. As introduced by our Online Marketing Expert Mike Lemon in the clip above, Split Testing allows you to run a number of variations of the same ad against one another to see which one more successfully fulfils your goals (whether that’s getting more people to your site to raise brand awareness or increase sales).

So, where do you start? Mike advises that in a usual PPC campaign you should run approximately four adverts at the same time to find out which are generating the highest number of clicks and/or conversions. When reviewing the success of your adverts you should put the lowest converting adverts on hold, and create new adverts based on your more successful adverts. By constantly testing and reviewing your PPC campaign you will learn what it is that makes your audience ‘click’ and what it might be that is making them avoid your advert like the plague.

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