How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Welcome to the second in the series of the Optix Solutions “Coffee Table Talks” videos. We will be releasing videos on a monthly basis that provide top advice on Digital Marketing that covers everything from tips on Email Marketing, to PPC Management, Video, Search, Social Media and much much more!

Al: Welcome to the next instalment of coffee top talks, the regular bite size tips and advice from Optix Solutions. I’m joined again by Mr Oliver Harrison who is our Web and Marketing Consultant. So, Ollie, we talked about email marketing last time and we kind of focused on the basics so what I really want to do now is take that to the next level and give people a few ideas of other things they should look to do when they are wanting to create a successful email campaign. Can you give us a few ideas?

Olly: I guess a big one, a fairly obvious one, is looking at mobile; so through your email marketing system you should be able to understand how many people are opening your emails on mobile devices and also, what mobile device they are using. There are largely two approaches; a lot of people tend to talk about responsive email, taking the same approach that a majority of people already do with websites and applying that to email. Or, if responsive email isn’t a route you want to go down, frankly just making sure your emails are shorter and that you haven’t got any huge images on there.

Al: So, just for the benefit of the people watching this, responsive email – what does that actually mean?

Olly: Responsive email will adapt the presentation of information depending on which device it is being displayed on.

Al: I see, so it would look different on a desktop then it would to say, an iPhone?

Olly: Yeh sure, and you have probably seen that with websites where by desktop will have big images and everything sort of dotted around which will then get streamlined into a single column typically for your mobile phone. The next one, really big one for me, is personalisation.

Al: Would it be a first name you need?

Olly: It could be anything actually for example, something that restaurants do is send me an email on my birthday saying something like ‘Dear Olly, Happy Birthday how about a glass of Prosecco on us!’ It’s a nice touch and actually brings my other two points in together nicely. It’s personalised; so they know my name and my birthday but it’s also automated which I think is point 3. Someone isn’t there sending me an email on my birthday all they’ve done in their database is set up a rule to say ‘When it’s Olly’s birthday, send him an email.’ And I think that’s a really nice touch.

Al: Definitively. The other one I’ve seen is where you can almost take personalisation to the next level by setting up categories of people within your database, so you could have a selection of your clients as VIP’s for example, and then your email can actually pull in personalised data to a VIP tag. That for me is really clever because then you’re not sending 2 or 3 sets of emails, you’re letting the email marketing system do all the work. Which is where you will start to get the real benefits from those systems.

Olly: You start to see people like Amazon doing this very cleverly; sending me emails based on my previous purchases and also my interests. Ebay are doing a similar sort of thing.

Al: Another great one there is where you can, and I guess Amazon is doing this, is where you link triggers into your website to your email marketing system so I guess if someone goes from one level of your website to another level, they trigger an action and then get another set of emails based on that and that is where email marketing becomes really powerful and beneficial to a company. It’s not just a ‘batch and blast’ that people did 10 years ago. So in conclusion we’ve got; personalisation, auto-responders and triggers, and thinking about mobile responsive emails.

Thank you very much for joining us today Olly. For more information on Email Marketing, visit our website

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