How To Become A Digital Marketer In 2020


Whether you’re 16 and fresh out of school or you’re a fully-fledged adult looking for a career change, digital marketing could just be the vocation for you. 


Discover what’s required for a flourishing digital marketing career and decide if it’s your idea of vocational paradise or vocational hell.


Digital marketing may look like a breeze – social media all day? Sign me up! But the reality is that the online landscape changes constantly so a passion for continuous learning is essential if you want to kick start and maintain your digital career. 

Employers know that there are more ways to gain experience and knowledge than a university degree so if you don’t have one, don’t panic, help is at hand. Do you like free stuff? Who doesn’t! There are excellent free courses available to help you become the next Rand Fishkin (if you don’t know who he is, you’d better start googling).

Learning Digital Marketing 2019

Google Garage

Google Garage offers SEO, paid search and social courses that will have you understanding the basics and more in no time. They also offer certification in digital marketing – wahoo!

Hootsuite Academy

Social media is more than just influencers, discover how to utilise social media marketing through free and paid courses with HootSuite. 

Code Academy

SEO can be very technical so we recommend brushing up on some development terminology and knowledge with Code Academy so you can work with developers to implement amazing technical SEO.  



Many employers want experience. That can be hard to obtain if you’re just starting out as it seems people need experience to gain experience… what’s that about?

To stop this becoming a roadblock on your career path, it’s time to think outside the box. Why not choose a well-known company and audit their SEO and social offering using tools like Screaming Frog, MOZ and Google tools or create a paid media profile with example ads so you can practice strategising and put your learnings to good use.

Showing employers that you are enthusiastic is really important so developing yourself will hold you in good stead and show your passion for all things digital.



Training in Digital Marketing 2019

Nowadays you can’t scroll through Instagram without a million influencers trying to encourage you to do something… it can be frustrating but digital marketing employers like to see you putting yourself out there. 

So what can you learn from these Instagram aficionados? Firstly it’s okay to showcase the best version of yourself.  Creating your own consistent brand with good social profiles such as LinkedIn and Twitter, is a great way of testing various social media tactics, and allows a potential employer to see your skills in realtime. 

Secondly, practice makes perfect. If you look at the everyday influencer you’ll see that they didn’t get ‘famous’ overnight, if you scroll back through their profile you’ll see organic growth over a substantial period of time…

If Search Engine Optimisation is your thing then get yourself a website, whether it’s a blog detailing episode by episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a shop selling your gran’s knitted jumpers or a fantasy football league, optimise your site to the best of your abilities. Record your growth, what has worked, what hasn’t and all that’s in-between so when you go to interviews you can show employers that you have experience and a can-do attitude that will get you through the door.


Being fluent in every language would be a pretty epic superpower but unfortunately, the reality of being fluent in all things digital is unrealistic. Digital marketers usually have a good general knowledge of all practices such as SEO, social media, PPC and content marketing, so they have the capabilities to implement them if the occasion arises but generally we recommend specialising in an area you’re super passionate about. By educating yourself through self-development, failing spectacularly and being persistent you’ll discover what you’re good at and most importantly, what you’re passionate about. 


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