How Social Media can save your ‘SEO Bacon’!

Today I came across an unfortunate soul (Ed. Not one of our clients) who had been naughty and got him/herself dropped from the Google results completely. In fairness it may have been a competitor knocking them out of the results with an SEO attack, or perhaps something they had done by mistake but all the same, their main website was nowhere to be seen.

To most companies this would have been a disaster and could ruin the investment in their website.

Social Media Love

However, despite the lack of the main company website in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) they were still dominating Google due to the vast number of social media profiles they have out there. Of the top 10 results every last one was a positive mention of the brand with a link to them – not bad I think you’ll agree.

That got me thinking, while it’s not an ideal situation, isn’t that so much better than just disappearing overnight? That is what would have happened otherwise, without the social stuff like competitions, reviews, blogs, Facebook, linkedIn & Twitter etc…

Our director, Alastair Banks wrote about the importance of having a ‘social footprint‘ a few months ago on his blog which covers this point as well.

So there you go, another reason to engage in social media. As if you needed one!


The site in question took my advise and submitted a reconsideration request via the Google Webmaster tools and is now back in action.

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