How Optix Solutions are more ‘A La Carte’ than ‘Ready Meal’

Ever wondered what to expect when you task us with creating and building a website?

We strongly believe that any project is a partnership with a Client. We regularly consult and communicate with our Clients, creating an open channel for feedback and discussion. We strive to ensure the end result exceeds our Client’s expectations and more than fulfils their brief. We don’t pick a template off the shelf, tweak a few graphics and themes – much like you running into the Supermarket and selecting a quick and easy ready meal. Every site we create is bespoke and designed specifically for you, just as if you’d had your own chef and skilled team at home to create a meal from scratch using the finest ingredients.

So you’ve given us the go ahead, what happens next?

After we have assigned a Project Manager to you, we will take you through the following stages;

  • Online Marketing Consultation. Our OLM team would consult with you on your options for optimising your site and continuing support within this field. Should you choose to add this invaluable service to your site, they will continue to consult with both yourself and the design and development teams throughout the following stages.
  • Wireframe. A wireframe is a working model of a site, without any design. It allows us to test the functionality of a site before we start the design and build process, ensuring all requirements have been thoroughly considered. At this stage, we will heavily consult with you and the brief you have put together for us.
  • Design concept. Once the wireframe has been signed off by you, the next stage is design. Our award-winning design team will meet with you to understand what key messages you want the site to convey from a brand point of view, so that they can be taken into consideration when designing the initial concept for your review.
  • Development. Once the design is signed off by you, we proceed to the development stage. This is the process by which we take a static design and start to build the working site, building and connecting elements and creating functionality. These can include links to emails, contact forms or development such as a content management system that allows you to control the content on your site with the design – this would give you the ability to regularly update text and images on the site yourself going forward.
  • Functionality testing. Once the development stage has been completed, the project will be delivered to your Account Manager to check that all required functionality is in place. An element of user testing will be carried out to identify and correct as many “bugs” as humanly possible before delivering the project to you for acceptance testing.
  • Project Delivery/CMS Training. At this stage, we deliver the project to you for acceptance testing. We’ll provide you with training on how to use the bespoke content management system we have developed for you, and give you time to test the site and functionality to ensure that you are happy with how it works. We will then meet with you to discuss any changes you would like to have made. It may be that some of these changes are additional development, if that is the case we will provide you with an estimate for their integration into the site and a project timeline for their completion. This will give you the opportunity to decide if you want to include these features in the site before going live, or they can be added after the site has been made live.
  • Cross Browser Testing. Any changes you require that are within the specification of the project will be carried out at this stage. It is at this stage that we will also complete a process known as cross-browser testing, which helps us ensure that your site works sufficiently in Internet Explorer +, Firefox, Safari and Opera on both Macintosh computers and PCs.
  • Site goes live. When you are ready, we will make the site live.

We pride ourselves in our work, and believe in taking the time and making the effort to ensure everything we produce is to a very high standard.

If you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you.




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