Hash Tags are popping up on TV! Just see #bbcHIGNFY

Picture the scene… Hash Tags on TV!

So there I was, last night, sat relaxing watching TV when on came BBC’s Have I Got News For You. Great! Whilst watching the intro credits, as the camera pans into the studio, what should come up on the screen but #bbcHIGNFY.

Initially I read it and thought ‘What on earth does that say?’ and then it clicked, they were screening a Twitter Hash Tag! I immediately picked up my phone and sent the following Tweet;

Watching Have I Got News For You and noticed there was a HashTag at the beginning! How cool! #bbcHIGNFY.

Within a minute I had a reply from someone else that had used the Hash Tag. This got me thinking about how powerful Social Media, especially Twitter really is. By adding 10 characters at the beginning of a programme the BBC had created a dynamic and temporal forum for discussion and promotion of the programme!

What is a Hash Tag and why bother?

A Hash Tag (or #Tag) is most commonly used on Twitter, being included in tweets by prefixing words or phrases with the # symbol. Hash tagging allows users to group and organise topics in a easy to follow way. The upshot of this was that anyone tweeting or searching #bbcHIGNFY could instantly see all related tagged tweets, disuss the programme and share it amongst their friends.

There are now even dedicated websites available to follow HashTags, one of my favourites being Twitter Fall.

So what do Hash Tags mean for you?

Hash Tags are becoming much more popular. We can see that TV broadcasters such as the BBC are now including them at the beginning of programmes. If you want people to talk about your event, business or topic then creating a Hash Tag will help people come together and discuss the common topic with social media.

Hash Tag Examples:

#bbcHIGNFY – BBC Comedy show Hash tag allowing people to discuss and share the show.

#sevendays – Channel 4’s weekly reality TV series where the general public can interact via Twitter.

#Likeminds – A Conference Event Tag allowing people to connect before during and after the event.

#bbcqt – Question Time took questions from this Hash Tag.

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