Google’s New URL Shortening Service

So what is all about?

Today we noticed Google’s new URL shortening service recently available to the public called

A URL shortening service allows you to create a shorter, easier to share version of your website’s address, ideal for social networks like Twitter where characters are limited.

It was originally launched to be used only by Google but has recently been released to the public and is now available as an extension to the Google Chrome browser.

When and why would you use

Anyone can use and by signing into your Google account it allows you to track the statistics on your link through Google Analytics. This displays clicks and historical data based on the short URL’s that have been created. Knowing how many people have clicked your shortened links can help you track links you have put on Twitter and other Social Media platforms, therefore enabling you to gauge the success of your interactions on Social Media. with QR Codes?

For people out there with mobile devices that have the ability to read QR codes, it also has the function for QR scanning. The odd looking box below shows you an example of how a QR code is represented. The additional information shows you how the analytical data is represented.

Google url shortening service for social media

What we think of this?

We think this is a cool new service although is unlikely to supersede established URL shortening services such as and the others that are built into software such as Tweetdeck. Overall, this is a great looking service, very useful, top quality (as you would expect from Google) but has perhaps come a little late in the day.

What are your thoughts?

Have you tried What are your thoughts and opinions? We look forward to hearing from you.

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