Google Shopping Changes Help

This month the Big G (Google) recently announced changes to their merchant product feed rules. You have until the 22nd of September to update your product feed or face the consequences.

At Optix we like to keep a close eye on these things for our clients sake, but for those who run their own product feed the following information could be vital to staying afloat in the world of Google Shopping (formerly ‘Google base’):

Summary of Changes

…Below are several examples of how the feed spec is changing; please note that different countries have slightly different requirements:

  • Availability: We’d like a user to be able to find your products even when they are out of stock. For this reason, the [availability] status of all your items will be required.
  • Google Product Category: We have added a new required high-level attribute called [Google product category] that contains the category of the item in Google’s taxonomy (currently only required for a select number of categories). This is in addition to the current [product type] attribute.
  • Images: We’re making [image link] required and we encourage you to submit up to 10 additional product images through [additional image link]. This way, you can improve the visual representation of your products.
  • Apparel: In order to create a better experience for product variants such as dresses or shoes that are available in multiple colors or sizes, we ask you to include information like [size] and [color] in your product feed. In addition, we require you to provide [gender] and [age group].
  • Data Freshness: We will continue to regularly check feeds for accuracy of pricing, availability, and general product information, and take action against accounts that violate our standards.

Need a little Help?

Some links you will need if you are going to attempt to survive in the Google shopping channel:

Alternatively we could take care of this for you, or help you sell more online via any one of our many web design and online marketing services. We would love to hear from you in the comments below or on the phone.

What are you opinions on the google shopping feeds? Have you used them to any positive or negative effect? have you even heard of them before?

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