Google OS & Cloud Computing

Two new operating system developments could signal a fundamental shift in the way in which we work and browse online, especially while on the move.

Most of us spend the vast majority of our computer time actually online, so Google Chrome OS is essentially a browser that also works as an operating system. You can create documents and view video, be on social network sites and catch up on email all at the same time from a single page.

Because your computer doesn’t need to load all the various elements of your operating system you are taken straight into Google Chrome OS within seconds of booting up.

It will support Android applications, and while initially it’s principle appeal with be among those who need to access and share information speedily on the move, it will also be available on desktops.

As every function is performed online, all files are stored on the internet, much like information such as webmail you access via your phone or desktop.

This is known as ‘Cloud Computing’, with your browser replacing your hard drive and becoming, to all intents and purposes, your computer.

At Optix we monitor these developments as they progress from research projects into reality, and can help customers design solutions and identify new opportunities generated by these shifts in the way we all work and behave online.

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