Google Non-Profit Scheme

Al: Hello and welcome to this edition of Coffee Top Talks, I’m delighted to have Mr Thomas Haynes back again, so Thomas, we are going to talk about Google Non-Profit Scheme which not many people actually know about which is a real shame because it’s a free scheme and part of Google’s CSR Programme, and pretty much any charity can get access to it (which we will go into more detail in a minute) and it’s effectively free money. So, I know this is something that we’ve done for a number of our charity clients, what I wanted to do today was just to find out a little bit more about it and tell people how they can get involved in it really. So, first of all what is it?

Thomas: There are various different elements in the non-profit programme, some of which people may be aware of already: Google grants; which is where Google will give charities $10,000.

Al: Hang on, $10,000?! And what period?

Thomas: A month

Al: A month! Right, that’s a lot of free money.

Thomas: Well, free advertising spend.

Al: Ok, so they’re not actually giving you money but they are giving advertising, which is effectively the same thing.

Thomas: As well as that there are other things like the YouTube Non Profit and there’s also some things to do with Google Earth, but the most interesting one for us is the Google Grants.

Al: So, what we’re talking about here is the paid advertising where you and I as a company would have to pay to be in there. This is that section, often across the top of Google and down the right hand side, you can get in to that bit.

Thomas: Yeh, you can get free budget.

Al: There must be a catch?

Thomas: There is no catch, you just need to be a registered charity, there are some exceptions, there are some charities that can’t apply but most can and it’s a very easy process.

Al: When you say easy process what are you talking – there’s no hoops to jump through?

Thomas: You just need to fill in a form giving your registered charity number, head office address and website and that’s pretty much it.

Al: Do they manually go and get that?

Thomas: Yes, I think it is manually checked.

Al: And then if you are approved you literally get $10,000 in your account every month to spend on your advertising?

Thomas: Yep. Al: Brilliant, and as I said at the beginning, it’s a massive shame that more charities don’t know about it, because it’s effectively free advertising money. I’m aware that there are some nuances to the programme that makes it slightly different to if you were just buying, so I think there are maximum click charges and things like that that you need to be aware of.

Thomas: Yes, there is a maximum of a $2 max Pay per Click.

Al: So we can’t really go in expecting people to buy massive phrases that cost us £8 or £9 for example.

Thomas: Yeah you just have to be a bit cleverer about the key words you target. You can literally just go after the really high competition terms but if you’re a small charity or you’re doing local events for example you can target local search terms, geographical targeting, there’s lots of things you can do to make sure you use all of your budget.

Al: Okay and what’s the most important thing that the small charity you just mentioned (signs up, gets approved, gets the $10,000), what should they do while setting this up?

Thomas: The first thing you need to do is really think about what your aims are as a charity and what you want the traffic that you’re now able to pay for to do. So, do you want to spend all that money on driving people to your donation page? Or do you want to advertise local events? It depends very much on the charity.

Al: So, do we have specific advice for people or is it very much dependent on that charity’s goals and objectives?

Thomas: Yes, entirely.

Al: Ok, so it’s probably worth them thinking about it upfront, then, taking that to the programme. If you had to give one more piece of advice after they have done that what would it be?

Thomas: Probably to make sure you are measuring your goals that we spoke about, so if you are trying to get people to sign up for a newsletter, trying to get people to donate to your charity, or you are trying to drive people to your events, you need to find a way to track that on your site so that you can be sure that the traffic you are driving is useful.

Al: So we’re moving into the world of Google analytics here as well which you can put together with Google ad words can’t you, so reading the same data?

Thomas: Yes, you can connect your ad words account to analytics.

Al: And then set up your goals which you can then track through from the payments you’ve made. So that’s been brilliant and I’m hoping that if nothing else happens, at least a few people can go and sign up and benefit from that $10,000 a month, so I appreciate that Thomas, thank you. And that’s it from us, good day from Optix!

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