Get Insight on the Effectiveness of your Website

Your website might look great, but if your customers find it hard or confusing to navigate and use, chances are you will lose them to one of your competitors. After all, they’re only a click away.

The average visitor length of stay on a web page is just eight seconds. If a visitor can’t quickly find what they are looking for, or are not able to seamlessly navigate to the particular product or service they are interested in, they will end up looking elsewhere.

When we work on our own websites every day it becomes harder and harder to be objective about how it is to be a visitor to the site. We get too close to see the flaws.

At Optix Solutions we employ the very latest analytics technology to map and evaluate the user experience of clients’ websites. We task a focus group of users with navigating their way to a particular product, service or page on a website, while a specially designed internal computer programme captures every on-screen action, every keystroke and button pressed. At the same time a camera records the website visitor’s facial expressions, actions and anything they say while they interact with the site.

Finally, the focus group go through the same process on a competitor’s website. Their experience of navigating the two sites is then compared, providing invaluable insights into the strengths and weakness of each and what changes could be made to give your site that all important edge.

“It is really easy to make assumptions about how people use your site,” says Optix Key Account Account Manager Kristen Sousa, “but what seems crystal clear to you may not be to the visitor. We recently looked at a line of core products that were being promoted on a business’s site. While to the business owner each product had a slightly different offering they felt would appeal to different audiences, the truth was no one could understand what any of the products had to offer. Invaluable information for this business to act on.”

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