Featured Site Ashfords

Ashfords is among the best known and most recognisable names in law firms across the UK.

Ashfords asked Optix Solutions to help in the rebranding of the company by developing a website that is both user-friendly, simpler and quicker for its staff to manage.

For Ashords it is vital to be able to supply images of and information on their myriad of products and services the length and breadth of the country, as well as abroad.

In order to stay up-to-date and in control of this fast-moving website content, Optix has built a tailor-made Content Management System (CMS) that enables Ashfords to make changes and add to content from a single central location, rather than having to adapt the information in each individual area of the site it appears.

The system allows for across-site uploading of images and editing and removal of copy. Once a piece of information is removed all references to it elsewhere on the site are removed too.

Staff accessing the system can also β€˜tag’ content so that it appears on all relevant pages and can create pages on the fly when needed.

Additionally, Optix have added a number of easily-editable features including partner profile pages, events and client areas.

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