Exeter Web Design Company builds an Ecommerce site for a Global Broadcast Equipment Supplier, complete with additional eAuction Site.

Gearhouse Broadcast were one of Optix Solutions’ first customers and have worked with them for over ten years. Exeter Web Design Company, Optix Solutions were delighted when they were commissioned to design and build a global website encompassing Gearhouse Broadcast’s operations across five continents.

Gearhouse Broadcast have worked behind the scenes on many prestigious projects – such as the technical infrastructure they provided for the Commonwealth Games, Beijing Olympics and they are the sole technical provider for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Gearhouse Broadcast have four very different aspects to their business, Sales, Rentals, Project Solutions and System Integration, in five different countries around the world. One of the challenges for Optix Solutions was how fundamental it was that the new site was able to serve not only the unique needs of each sector – but also their geographical region. Each business area needed to cross promote complimentary areas of their business – for instance if someone was looking to buy a camera, the site needed to prompt the user that it could also be rented.

Optix Solutions had the challenge of ensuring multiple staff from around the world were able to update content, each business area needing to be tailored to the specific needs of each global sector.

The main features of the new website include:

  • More room for promotion of offers / deals in key areas of the sales/rental pages
  • New design and state of the art infrastructure – allowing the client to pull in relevant information (like case studies) to other areas of the site
  • Unique look and feel for each area of the business
  • Site designed to incorporate the client’s new brand identity
  • Site was fully optimised for SEO and Online Marketing

As well as the redesign of the new site, Optix Solutions also produced an eAuction site. One of the problems Gearhouse Broadcast faced was the large volume of equipment they needed to purchase for one off projects, such as the Olympics. They would be left with an over stock of equipment, that would rapidly decline in value and reduction in revenue.

The purpose of the eAuction site was to allow Gearhouse Broadcast to set up and run their own auctions, thus being able to sell bulk quantities of equipment, maintain their revenue stream and not be left with large levels of depreciating stock. Customers were given the option to request registration, and if approved by the client could subsequently register and bid on auctions. The first auction ran in late 2010 and was a great success. Optix Solutions intend to build on the functionality of the model and roll out the eAuction concept to other clients in the future

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