Do you need a new website?

Before you even consider whether to build a new website, you need to ask yourself if you even need one? It's a broad and daunting question so we’ve picked out the top 4 questions you need to consider when deciding if you need a new website or not…

Is your site responsive?

The term ‘responsive design’ means that the website is designed to provide optimal viewing across multiple devices and browsers.  

The facts: 

  • 60% of internet accessed is via a mobile device
  • 87% of millennials (18-34 year olds) never separate from their devices
  • Since April 21st last year, responsiveness has been a ranking factor on Google and is likely to become more prolific as time goes on

Test it

The fastest way to test if your website is responsive is to open up your site and using your mouse drag the bottom right corner of your browser to the left. If your site adjusts to the new dimensions of the browser, your site is most likely to be responsive.

You can also use this handy tool, courtesy of Google:

Can you edit content?

The key to keeping your site up to date is a good, robust Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to add and edit content, this can be in the form of pages or a blog for example.

The facts: 

  • 73% of content writers plan to prioritize creating more engaging content in 2016
  • 60% of customers say they feel more positive about a brand after reading custom content on its site
  • Blogs generate 97% more inbound leads than sites without them 

Test it

This is easy to test – if you can edit your site from an admin area, then you have a CMS in place. Check any limitations that may be in place.

Do you prefer your competitor’s site or is your own outdated?

Website envy is a given, however, if you are finding yourself continuously amazed and jealous of your competitor’s site then it’s time to review your own. 

The facts: 

  • 88% of online consumers are unlikely to return to your site if they’ve have a bad experience (too many clicks, slow loading etc.)
  • 48% of people allege a website’s design as the number one factor when deciding the credibility of a company
  • 94% of user’s first impressions are design related

Test it

Check out your competitors and see what you think… It’s also a good idea to ask a few people to test your site and see how many clicks it takes to get to their destination, the less the better.

Can your site be found easily?

Whether it be a service or product, how can you expect customers to buy from you if they can’t even find your website? 

The facts: 

  • The top 5 results on search engine results pages (SERPs) get 75% of all clicks
  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine 
  • 75% of users never go further than page 1 on SERPs to find what they want

Test it

Open a new browser tab in ‘incognito mode’ and go to Google. Type in a few phrases you’d like your website to be found for. Where does your website appear (if at all)?

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