Do not let your Business get lost for Words

How many times have you clicked onto a promising-looking website only to click off it moments later having got fed up trying to make head or tale of the content or ploughing through reams of jargonese?

The importance of content, the words that actually sell your product or service to the customer and persuade them that you have the answers to their particular needs or problems, have too long been overlooked by both website designers and businesses.

Statistically, the average time spent on a website homepage is just eight seconds. That is eight seconds to persuade that person to read on and find out more rather than go elsewhere, often to your nearest search engine rival.

Optix Solutions have grown to understand the importance of providing clear, attention-grabbing and relevant content, written in a way people can understand, absorb quickly and in such a way that encourages them to read further. That is why we now offer a content writing service using professionals with experience in both web and print media.

Your web designer can produce the most, creative, eye-catching and up to the minute website, but if potential clients leave because of poorly written or confusing copy their efforts and your money are wasted.

The advantages of professionally crafted content go beyond simply making your site stand out from the crowd.

Other benefits include:

Improved sales – Copy that quickly and succinctly identifies what you sell, who to and why it is appropriate to the visitor has consistently been shown to produce a much higher conversion of traffic into genuine sales leads

Higher search engine rankings – Content is one of the key elements in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A skilled writer can weave key words and phrases into the copy without making it clumsy or dull

Time/revenue savings – Delayed content is one of the main reasons for sites sitting redundant when they should be creating business. Writing creative copy is not as easy as some think and those within the business who are charged with producing it often struggle. They may have key positions within the organisation and their time is better spent generating income or concentrating on their normal roles

Perspective – It is hard to write about your own business. You can be too close to it. Our professional copywriters will meet with you and take a dispassionate, ‘man on the street’ viewpoint, identifying what works and what doesn’t

Optix’s web content service is affordable to even the smallest business, can be worked into budgets and offers the same care and attention to detail regardless of the size of the project. For details contact us now on 0845 029 7766.

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