Do not just get visitors, get customers!

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At Optix Solutions we like to think that what marks us out from the competition is our commitment to go that extra mile to ensure our clients get the maximum benefit possible from websites and online solutions we have developed in partnership with them.

Part of this commitment is to not just build and design eye-catching and user-friendly websites that attract interest and potential leads, but build into them features that enable them to develop that initial contact and get those visitors coming to the site again and again. In other words, not just generating visitors, but converting them into customers.

Traditionally, many have relied solely on hit counters to monitor the level of interest in a web presence.

It is all very well focussing on attracting interest in your product or service, but this is only half the story. What really matters is how many of those visits can be converted into genuine leads and, ultimately, new business.

Think of that first visit to your site as the start of a conversation. You can, if you have a strategy backed by the right online solutions, continue that conversation.

Doing so can not only generate business on the back of the original visit, but also makes it more likely that the visitor/client will come back again and recommend you to others by sharing the information you send out with friends and contacts via Social Networking sites, for instance.

Keeping the lines of communication open also enables you to gather information on the changing needs of existing or potential customers.

After consultation with you to ascertain your and your clients’ exacts needs, Optix specialise in producing a tailor-made strategy of online solutions that will help not only attract interest to your business or project but keep and nurture it.

These include; e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation, pay per click, public relations campaigns, bookmarking to Social Media, accessing mobile media, data capturing, visitor profiling and competitions.

The overall strategy is then reviewed quarterly using data generated through Google Analytics and adjusted or built on accordingly.

Recent research suggests re-awakening cold leads is a highly effective method of generating business that would otherwise have been lost and creating new interest.

Call us on 0845 029 7766 to learn how we can help you convert visitors to your website into customers.

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