Devon’s Wildlife on the Web

When you’re charged with celebrating and informing people about the outstanding natural environment of the country’s second biggest county, taking in moorland to coast, the creation of a comprehensive and creative website was needed to do it justice.

Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) recently brought Optix Solutions in to completely overhaul the charity’s six-year-old web presence, and create a resource that covered not just DWT’s extensive work in the county, but also offered a wealth of information on the flora and fauna that make up Devon’s unique habitats and the current issues affecting them.

Optix Solutions has a strong track record in working with local organisations and charities, providing engaging and simple to navigate websites allied to specifically tailored online solutions, designed to attract more visitors, increase visibility and generate volunteer interest and donations.

A particularly eye-catching and useful tool, designed and developed by the Optix team, is an alphabetical plant and animal search service which provides the visitor with pictures, species information and a guide to where and when to see it in the county.

Visitors can also now read a regular blog offering current snapshots of Devon’s wildlife, get wildlife questions answered through a new helpdesk area and find plenty of well-signposted information on how people can support the charity, from becoming a volunteer to leaving a legacy for future generations.

David Ireland, DWT’s Communications Officer, said ”It’s great to finally have a new website we can be proud of and which gives people interested in the wildlife on their doorstep a wonderful resource.”

“The way the website has been set up will give us much more flexibility to go on building the site in the future months and years, with much simpler navigation people will be able to find what they want quicker and easier than before.”

To have a look at the new website visit

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