Devon Air Ambulance Trust takes Transparency to a new level

For charities to survive and prosper it is vital that they retain the goodwill of their existing supporters and earn that of potential new donors.

Transparency is a key element in achieving these objectives for charities of all descriptions. After all, the majority of the money that enables them to do their work ultimately comes out of the general public’s pockets. The more people can see that their money is being spent effectively and diligently the more likely they are to donate.

Last year Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT) brought in Optix Solutions to produce a website that would not only attract increased donations and fundraising opportunities, but also engage and interact with new and existing supporters of all ages and interests.

Phase One of the site development included a new Content Management System (CMS) that enables the posting of the very latest news from DAAT, a mission mapping facility and a special section for kids.

Phase Two involves the posting of in-depth Accounts on the site, showing in an easy to follow form the charity’s income and expenditure over the past financial year compared with figures from 2008.

The figures are displayed in the form of coloured bar charts, broken down into elements such as income raised from donations, legacies and shops and merchandising and expenditure on governance, cost of income generation and operations, each with a total figure.

One particularly innovative feature is that the viewer can hover their mouse over any of the blocks on the bar charts and a summary of that particular area of activity, including what it is, the figure and the latest trends in that area, pops up.

There is also the option of opening and downloading the full audited Accounts, which includes the reports of the trustees and auditors.

Sarah Burden, PR Manager for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust said ‘Our website is an essential part of our marketing and online strategy. It is vital that we can engage with supporters, both current and potential, in an open and transparent way and this is precisely what Optix help us to achieve.’

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