Danail Karaivanov Joins the Team

Part of the organisational development plan of Optix Solutions is hiring passionate and motivated people, who can contribute to the team with innovative ideas and creative solutions. Accordingly, our company is delighted to announce our new Digital Marketing Intern Danail Karaivanov.

Danail is a first-year undergraduate at University of Exeter, where he is studying Marketing and Management. He is inspired to connect with customers and build relationships through social media platforms. For him, working at Optix Solutions is an opportunity to apply the theory from his university course into practice and learn how to do it effectively. He is thrilled to work for a well-known Digital Marketing Agency like Optix Solutions that can help him grow as a Digital Marketer.

“I am super excited to join Optix Solutions because it gives me the opportunity to prove myself into the real world of business. It is a pleasure for me to work for a company that shares the same values as me- Always try to go an extra mile in order to stand out and support each other in every way possible. And this is what inspires me. The company was created by enthusiastic and motivated students just like myself, and this makes me believe that Optix will be my best opportunity to start my career in Digital Marketing.”

Danail is originally from Bulgaria and he moved to the UK with his family 6 years ago. He is now living in Exeter, where he also studies for his Marketing and Management degree at University of Exeter. Danail says that moving to another country was a huge challenge for him, but he feels inspired by the career opportunities that the UK offers to him. He is determined to start a successful career in Digital Marketing, and he believes that Optix is a huge step in his career development.

Thomas Haynes

Thomas Haynes is a Digital Marketer with 12 years experience. He specialises in SEO and is the Head of Digital at Optix Solutions

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