Creating a home for ‘Jail Ale’ – Dartmoor Brewery Website Launch


Here at Optix we’re partial to the odd team after work beverage so you can imagine the buzz around the office when Dartmoor Brewery asked us to build them a new website. The website had to appeal to the B2C market; increasing the brand awareness of ‘Jail Ale’ whilst maintaining a drinkaware authority that falls upon any reputable brewery. Dartmoor of course want you to drink their beer, but responsibly. That really resonated in the brainstorms, kick off meetings and brewery tour right through to design and functionality. This was a brewery that thinks about the customer at every step of the process.

Encapsulating the Brief

Dartmoor Brewery wanted the site to reflect these values and also offer something new to the market, a design that reflected the freshness of the ale and the brewery without being trite or condescending. The brewery, much like Optix, feels like a family, everyone supports one another and works to improve the brew as well as the brewery so that’s what we set out to accomplish.

Not every step of the design and build process was easy, there are strict regulations for alcohol promotion, and much like the unpredictability of the moors themselves this clouded some of our ideas.

A Change of Focus

Due to this challenge we turned the focus a little by encouraging the consumer to buy into the location of the brewery itself, Dartmoor is by definition a wild, stunning, natural area of outstanding beauty and when you’re stood on top of Haytor with the wind in your hair – you can feel that magnificence in her entirety. And that’s what the brewery has taken and put into their ‘Jail Ale’ they wanted to encapsulate that almost intangible feeling into a Nationally recognised ale.

So we took this need for combination of location, people and National brand and created a website that truly encompasses it all – see it in all its wonder here.

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