Coronavirus Response Updates

2nd of April

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be running a free Webinar next Tuesday on the topic of “Using a Digital Mindset to Pivot Your Business”. Full details and the link to sign up can be found here.

We’ve gathered some thoughts from the team about working from home and how we’re all staying positive and looking out for each other. You can read the post here: The Optix Team on Working From Home.

30th of March

Two new blog posts today:

Handy Resources for our New Normal – 12 resources to help you with Marketing during a global pandemic, keeping connected whilst working from home and staying healthy under lockdown.

Google and Facebook Launch Ad Credits to help Small Businesses – Details of how to apply for advertising grants from the two largest advertising platforms.

26th of March

In today’s update Alastair talks about using video to communicate with your clients – Using Video to Communicate with your Clients During Lockdown.

23rd of March

In these very tricky times, we are told that communication is paramount, both internally and externally. Today’s super quick tip is about setting up a section on your website which explains how you are coping with the Coronavirus pandemic and taking that one step further and giving value to the people that happen across this area of your site.

20th of March

Alastair will be creating videos to help you focus your Marketing where it’ll have the biggest impact during these difficult times. We’ll add the videos to this page and you can also subscribe to Alastair on YouTube and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Marketing through the Coronavirus Pandemic – Email Marketing Tips

18th of March

Our Director Alastair has written a post about Why (and How) You Should up your Marketing During a Downturn.

17th of March

Given the changing daily landscape of the Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to send you a quick update on how Optix Solutions are dealing with the events that surround us.

We will update this post as the situation or our response to it changes.

Firstly, the health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. As I’m sure everybody is, we’ve been keeping on top of all news bulletins and listening intently to the information and updates being given by the professionals.

We’re in a very privileged position and thanks to our prior planning and the support of our excellent partners, our teams remain fully operational and can fulfil their jobs entirely remotely. We have ensured that every member of staff is equipped to work from home and communication methods such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Email and Slack have all been integrated into the business for to allow us all to work remotely. We will also be implementing daily and weekly online team catch ups and check ins to ensure that everyone continues to interact with each other, even when they are working from home. Many of our employees work in this way regularly so we see no challenges with delivering our services in this manner.

We have also been giving very careful thought to how our skills as a digital business could help our customers. Traditional business models may need to stop for a number of weeks or even months so delivering products and services may require a different way of thinking and that’s where we may be able to help. If person to person contact is limited then what better way to keep going, than to do so online, be it through your websites, specialist tools or your social media presence. I recently saw a very astute personal trainer delivering her workout sessions through Facebook live. Sometimes it’s about thinking differently and that’s where we can help.

It may be that you simply need advice on how to use digital tools (some of those I mentioned earlier), we’re all here to help.

These are challenging times for everyone and ones in which we must stand together. If there are ways in which we can help, we will. Thank you for being a customer, a supporter, a friend.

Robert Stevens – Director of Operations

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