Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the goal of all e-commerce professionals and their clients, and the latest online market figures make it easy to understand just why.

2008 saw a single year increase in online sales of 16% across the market. Since 2000, Internet sales have risen by 3,500% to £42bn and it’s expected that by 2010 this figure will have climbed to a staggering £72bn.

However, this is about more than an increased willingness to buy online. It marks a seismic shift in consumer habits on the back of an ever more sophisticated online culture. Our confidence in, and dependence on, online technologies, from desktop computers to mobiles and handhelds, is greater than it has ever been before.

You should never assume your site is generating all the sales it can just because it looks good and everything works. All its elements must interconnect smoothly and effectively and this needs to be regularly put to the test. The mantra should be; measure, analyse and build.

The Optix team’s innovative CRO consultancy service can help you do just that. We believe CRO is best achieved by a constant process of site-wide performance analysis, not just confined to the final sales process itself.

One of the keys to CRO is to make your online store ‘intelligent’. There are an ever increasing number of excellent analytic tools that can provide data and insights on customer habits. With Optix’s analytics we can review the performance and effectiveness of your site, including the online store, and highlight weaknesses to be corrected and strengths that can be built on as part of ongoing optimisation strategies.

This regular reviewing of the journey between an initial visit and a completed sale yields insights into a wide range of information about your customers such as where they came from, their likes and dislikes and ultimately what their experience of engaging with your business online is like.

A truly customer-driven site is vital in building brand loyalty and staying ahead of the competition. The bottom line is that those who engage in the changing dynamics of selling online will generate more revenue than those who do not.

In a large competitive market, just a fractional increase in market share can represent a significant boost to profits.

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