5 things you can do as a site owner

Of all the areas covered where people can have the most impact and input, SEO is the one where time can be spent to maximum benefit.

This list contains 5 simple things you as a site owner can do yourself, to easily help your site rank well without needing a drop of technical knowledge. All it will cost is a little of your time, and you might even enjoy it!

1) Go to Yahoo Answers and answer as many simple questions as you can. Cite your website as the source.

2) Sign up to forums in your niche area. Provide information to users, be charming, answer their questions and put a link in the footer to your site.

3) Submit your site to niche directories, add your link and information to them.

4) Write, write and write some more. You are an expert in your field and the web is full of people looking for knowledge. Build it and they will come (and buy).

5) Promote that content via Social Media and by contacting people to let them know it’s there. Having good content is not enough. Make it easy for people to share this info by posting it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other platforms you use.


The beauty of these techniques is you do not need to be a genius programmer to take action on them. All you need is to get into gear and do them. Then you can sit back and see the rewards as your site ranks higher, your reputation becomes more credible and you increase your sales.

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Site developed for: Just Another Baby

If doing business online was as simple as putting up a nifty looking website and an online shop then we would all be dotcom millionaires.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple, as many businesses, especially in highly competitive marketplaces, have discovered to their cost.

Intelligent online marketing focuses not just on providing product information and the means to buy, but building the sort of relationship with existing and potential customers that creates brand loyalty and leads to that almost priceless commodity – an ever growing word of mouth following.

Just Another Baby started last year as a company run by parents for parents. Its founders wanted to start a business that offered the highest quality products, both old favourites and latest innovations, that take the stress out of parenting and leave mums and dads free to enjoy the rewards of family life.

Optix Solutions were brought in by Just Another Baby to work on two fronts. The first, and key to any online-based business, is an easy to navigate and fully comprehensive online store to meet all their customers’ needs.

But there is no reason for the business to sit on its hands while the ecommerce side of the site is being built and fine tuned, so Optix have also created what is known as a ‘buzz’ site to maximise awareness of the Just Another Baby brand in the meantime.

As its name suggests, the site is specifically designed to create interest around the new business.

It is crammed with news and information on new products and latest company developments, features regular blogs and polls to keep site visitors engaged and actively encourages existing and new customers to keep up with, and spread the word on, the company through Facebook and Twitter.

“The buzz site has really helped us to make sure we get it right by asking our customers to get involved and let us know what they think about what we are doing. Its helping us spread the word on the company, our products and our commitment and values,” says John Williams, Director of Just Another Baby.

Fellow Director Rob Pascoe, added: “We’ve been working really hard with Optix setting up our new online shop and getting it just right, where you will be able to buy quality baby essentials and browse our great selection of hassle-free parenting products and it’s looking great.”

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