Can Your Business Afford to Ignore the Facebook Factor?


Whether you are a Facebook fan or Facebook-phobe in your personal life, if your business is selling a product or service to the general public the reach of Facebook as a potential communications and marketing tool simply cannot be ignored. In case you were in any doubt, here are some facts:

  • With 1 billion members worldwide, 33 million in the UK, Facebook remains the biggest social network
  • 62% of B2C companies have acquired a customer from Facebook
  • Facebook attracts an estimated 750,000,000 unique monthly visitors – (Hubspot – An Introduction to Facebook)

A Facebook business page offers another way for you to be found by visitors searching for your products or services and the opportunity to create a unique community of people interested in your products or what you do. The ultimate benefit is that your customers do your selling for you by spreading the word about you within their own social networks and interest groups.

Setting up your Facebook business page is relatively straightforward.

Just log on to where handy videos and step-by-step tutorials will guide you through the process.

What is not quite so straightforward, particularly if you have not used Facebook as part of your strategic marketing mix before, is learning to use Facebook effectively and understanding the difference between direct marketing and marketing through what is a social, conversational process.

To convert interest in your product or service into leads and ultimately sales, you need to understand how to retain and build buy-in and loyalty to your brand among your Facebook fans.

As you are using a social platform you are essentially involved in a giant conversation. While this takes time and practice, done well it will ultimately drive sales and the feedback you can gather from your existing and potential customers about what you do is invaluable.

Here are ten Facebook DOs and DON'Ts for business to get you started:

  1. DO make the content of your Facebook page relevant and engaging – keep your audience interested with a good mix of updates, photos, videos and polls
  2. DO engage with your audience. A quick and constructive response to a question or negative comment can encourage new business and minimise lost business
  3. DO search out Facebook groups relevant to your area of business, or create a group yourselves, and engage with them
  4. DO connect other channels to your Facebook page. If your business has a YouTube channel you can share your videos with your Facebook audience. The same goes for Flickr, etc…
  5. DO ask questions, it's an excellent way to find out what your audience think of a new product, an event or something you have posted and making them feel they can have genuine input
  6. DON’T underestimate the amount of time it requires to run a Facebook page effectively
  7. DON’T treat your Facebook page like a static website. To attract Facebook fans and likes you need to keep customers interested with regularly updated content
  8. DON’T simply use your page as an online advert. By all means plug your product or service but you should post a variety of content, including fun and informative posts
  9. DON’T ignore or delete negative posts – doing so sends the signal that you don’t care
  10. DON’T forget to use spelling and grammar checks

Optix Solutions has been advising businesses on all aspects of using Social Media (SM) as an effective marketing tool from the very start of the social networking revolution. Social Media is a key part of our everyday marketing and we like nothing better than showing our customers how to use SM to grow their business too.

We regularly run Social Media Training Courses for businesses, covering everything you need to know to start using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other SM networks to your advantage.

The half or full-day courses can be brought to your premises and accommodate up to ten employees.

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