BT Routing / DNS Problems

Posted by Dan White on September 15th 2010 in Company News

BT Routing problems Today (15th September 2010) BT seems to be having issues with the web. The main symptom is customers not being able to access certain sites hosted by BT. In particular some of our clients have been affected and cannot see their own sites. Needless to say we are on the case, helping our customers, and keeping up to date with the issue. BT's DNS / Routing problems seem to be widespread, getting some attention via Social Media. We want to reassure our readers that there is nothing wrong with our hosting but it does appear that BT are having Server DNS problems. Keep up with the discussion here: On Google Realtime Beta And with BT Server Issues here: BT Server Issues Once again this is not an issue with our service, it is a BT Broadband failure. Update: According to our friends and people in the know; the problem is now solved and BT are putting it down to 'scheduled maintenance'. of course they are... at peak hours during the week.
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